Ans. Strong brands are the part of our daily life-style. Brand Aastha is a best platform where you can rating your favorite Brand. Your recommendation will help your family and friends to choose the best brand. By voting your favourite brands in Brand Aastha, you can recommend that brand to be the top of the ranking and help viewers to identify your favourite brands.

Q. How does it works?

Ans. Just select your favorite Brand from Category and Sub-Categories and Vote them more and more times to make them top in the rankings.

Q. How people will be benefited by using BRAND AASTHA?

Ans. As you are voting your desired brand being the happy consumer, your recommendation will help people to know which product is really good.

Q. How the brand will be benefited from here?

Ans. As consumers of various brands are voting for their favorite brands in Brand Aastha directly, the brand owners/promoters will get organic feedback as well as user acceptance of their brands. Also the platform will promote the trustworthiness towards their products & service

Q. How to add a new Brand?

Ans. To add your new Brand, just select your desire category and enter to submit your new brand from the bottom of the page. Please note that you will be needed a valid Bangladesh Mobile number to enter your brand.
For details, please visit to http://brand.bangladeshinfo.com/submitBrand

Q. How can I submit my products advertisement in BRAND AASTHA?

Ans. Please contact with us for advertisement in Brand Aastha platform and we'll shortly contact will you.
Email address. pr@bangladeshinfo.com